What does Medicare cover on Cancer?

What does Medicare cover on cancer?

What does Medicare Advantage cover on cancer?

What do Medicare Supplements cover on cancer?

This video seeks to answer the question, based on a letter written in on someone with cancer that wants to go to MD Anderson Cancer center, yet had a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage can limit your cancer coverage.
Be sure to check the Medicare Advantage coverage on chemotherapy. Often, it is only 80{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} of the cost. That’s no better than just being on Medicare, because Medicare Part B already covers just 80{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} of the cost of chemo.

A Medicare SUPPLEMENT, however, is different than Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Supplement fully covers cancer and cancer treatments.

All of the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized. There are no hidden tricks or small print. They’re accepted by every doctor that accepts Medicare.

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