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The Truth about the AARP Medicare Supplement Plan

AARP does not sell insurance. They merely sell the use of their name to insurance companies that pay hefty endorsement fees for the name.

Forbes found: “As part of the United and AARP business agreement all three of the Medicare insurance product lines are marketed under the AARP brand name. From 2007 to 2009, United’s royalty payments to AARP have grown from $284 million in 2007 to $427 million in 2009, a 50{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} increase. “

In an investigative report that Congress did on AARP, called Behind the Veil – Behind the AARP American doesn’t know. it was revealed that this insurance relationship with a “non-profit” is a definite, obvious conflict of interest.

The Senior Savings Network has chosen NOT to represent AARP because it is, in most every case, not in the best interest of our clients to pay the extra money for this endorsement deal.

Congress Considers Changing Plan F

Congress recently held hearings on how to best reform Medicare. 

Former Senator Joe Lieberman testified before the current congress about his opinion and research that first-dollar coverage, like that afforded by Plan F, causes the utilization to go up at least 25{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} unnecessarily.

Current and future attempts to reform Medicare and make it viable long into the future will, undoubtedly, contain reforms to this first-dollar coverage, Plan F. Those left behind, should there be changes and reforms, on Plan F will no longer benefit from seniors turning 65 and joining the plan at their earliest opportunity. It will be a closed risk pool. The rates grow faster on closed risk pools, and that is not a safe place to be, when considering future rate increase potential.

Please the video below on the topic of the changes being proposed on Plan F Medicare Supplement.

Also see the important video on Plan F or Plan G, and why Plan G is always the better value. Click Here to see about Plan G.

Best Medicare Supplement

Plan F or Plan G, Which is Better?

What is the best Medicare Supplement plan?

If you are considering your first Medicare Supplement plan, or considering changing to a more affordable Medicare Supplement plan, then you need to see this video.

Most insurance agents that work with seniors will push Plan F as the “best” solution. While Plan F does cover everything, it is often at a tremendous, unnecessary premium. The same, exact benefits can be obtained with Plan G, with the tiny deductible, thus saving hundreds per year. But, it gets much better.

Please watch this video that explains the many benefits of Plan G vs. Plan F:

 Want to see the rates of ALL plans and all companies? We can do that, and my service is 100{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} free. How? Same way your car insurance and homeowner’s insurance agents work – they’re paid from the premiums to the carrier, who then pays the agents. We work the same way. Costs you nothing.

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Go from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement

North Carolina Medicare Plans

Seniors in North Carolina are facing more challenges with regard to Medicare Advantage plans.

Many are finding that Medicare Supplement (Medigap) is a far better way to go than the ever-shifting sands of Medicare Advantage, as shown in a recent story by the Charlotte Observer, which showed that over 57,000 North Carolina seniors are losing their Medicare Advantage plans in 2015.

Seniors on Medicare Supplement plans are guaranteed renewable, with the same benefits they signed for, for life. The benefits on Medigap plans cannot be changed, and this means stability.

Seniors who are 75, 80, 85 years old should not have to compare nuances of changing co-payments, doctor networks, and new requirements that are constantly changing on Medicare Advantage plans each time the one-year contract expire.

Seniors looking for a second opinion on their Medicare plans should call the Senior Savings Network at 1-800-729-9590.

Here is the article from the Charlotte Observer:
Turmoil in Medicare Advantage hits NC seniors hard.

Owner Interviewed on Radio about Medicare

Christopher Westfall, owner of the Senior Savings Network, was interviewed for a local California radio station, which is also repurposed onto an internet-wide podcast.

The interview covered Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and the choice that seniors have to make when they join Medicare for their coverage.

Click the Play button below to hear the interview:


Turning 65 – Best Medicare Plan

Turning 65 – brand new to Medicare

What a great opportunity for a new senior citizen!
Choosing the best agent to work with can make a big difference when you turn 66, 67, 68.

Most all of our clients had an agent chase them down when they were 65 years old.

Unfortunately, these agents disappeared when the rates started to go up.
Our 70 year old clients have not heard from their agent since they were 65 years old!

The difference in the automatic rate increases vs. what they could get in the market today can be a difference of $100 per month in savings or more.

Please watch this important video on turning 65 and how to pick your agent for life:

What is the best Medicare plan for someone turning 65?
By working with your independent insurance agent, like the Senior Savings Network, that is easily solved.

Call us at 1-800-729-9590 and let us help you. Our service is free.
We are completely independent and are not employed by any one insurance company.

What does Medicare cover on Cancer?

What does Medicare cover on cancer?

What does Medicare Advantage cover on cancer?

What do Medicare Supplements cover on cancer?

This video seeks to answer the question, based on a letter written in on someone with cancer that wants to go to MD Anderson Cancer center, yet had a Medicare Advantage Plan.

Medicare Advantage can limit your cancer coverage.
Be sure to check the Medicare Advantage coverage on chemotherapy. Often, it is only 80{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} of the cost. That’s no better than just being on Medicare, because Medicare Part B already covers just 80{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} of the cost of chemo.

A Medicare SUPPLEMENT, however, is different than Medicare Advantage. The Medicare Supplement fully covers cancer and cancer treatments.

All of the Medicare Supplement plans are standardized. There are no hidden tricks or small print. They’re accepted by every doctor that accepts Medicare.

See also:

SeniorSavingsNetwork.org helps seniors find the best Medicare Supplement plan by shopping the entire market.

We shop the market for the best Medicare Supplement rates in the market. We know the companies, the plans, and the best way to get the best rates.

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Weiss Research: Medigap Rates Vary as Much as 1,316{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05}

Weiss research says that Medigap rates, on the same plans, can vary by up to 1,316{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05}.

We, at the SeniorSavingsNetwork, often save clients $1,000 per year or more, simply by shopping their existing market for all of the companies available, and there is quite a difference in the rates.

From Weiss:

Medigap policies help senior citizens cover the costs for medical care beyond those covered by Medicare itself.   Plan types range from A, the basic benefit plan, through Plan N.  The benefits within each plan are mandated by the government.

In analyzing more than 5.6 million premium rates among more than 165 insurers offering Medigap insurance in 2011, Weiss found that premium rates continue to vary dramatically among all Medigap plans.  Rates for Plan A range from a minimum of $439 to a maximum of $5,776 for a 65-year-old male. The broad ranges in premium rates for Plans A through N for a 65-year-old male are illustrated below:


Weiss Ratings senior financial analyst Gavin Magor commented: “For 20 years Medigap rates have varied due to regional differences in pricing methodologies, state regulations, and the cost of health care.  While we expect these differences in pricing among plans and across regions, we find that there is no justification for such wide price differences for exactly the same product in the same area.  Consumers who research their options are likely to find opportunities for significant cost savings when purchasing Medigap insurance.”

Some examples of dramatic pricing differences include:

  • In Florida, Plan C costs $4,647 with Humana Health Insurance Company of FL, but only $2,880 with State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, representing a 61{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05}  difference in cost.
  • In California, the plan would cost $5,133 with United Teacher Associates Insurance Company, which is three times more than the $1,693 with Globe Life & Accident.
  • In Maine, premiums for Plan F vary from a low of $1,916 with Globe Life & Accident to a high of $3,590 with Humana Insurance Company, representing an 87{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} difference in cost.
  • Plan F rates in Missouri run from $955 with Old Surety Life Insurance Company to $3,002 with Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company, a 314{57afd372ef552335ba870edf523b8e4a4ddf98dad7cf21c72091c800f1bfac05} difference.

Source: http://www.weissratings.com/news/ins_hmo/111010-medigap-rates-vary.aspx


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