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Medicare Supplement Plans

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When Turning 65, it is very important that you choose to work with an independent agent that represents all of the various insurance companies. Secondly, it is important, too, that the agent knows how to help you in year two, year three, etc. rather than just constantly chasing those new clients that are turning 65.

We work for our senior clients, NOT for the insurance companies.
This way, we can shop the market independently for the best possible value for your insurance premium dollar.

As you can see in theย Medicare & You Guidebook, all of the Medicare Supplement plans are exactly identical, regardless of the company. They all pay the bills exactly the same way for the same amount, and are all accepted at every Medicare provider the same way.

The only difference, sometimes to the tune of $1,200 or more per year, is the price that your agent is able to find in the marketplace for you. And this should be shopped every year.

This is experience from having worked with over 3,200 independent agents in my 25 years in the business.

-Christopher Westfall
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