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Benefit Enrollment Center

Free Medicare Help from Christopher Westfall, Sr.

Whether you were referred here from one of our great clients or you found something I put out on the internet to help, welcome! This site has information to help you through your journey, but we hope you do not feel overwhelmed

You should not have to become an insurance agent yourself but can rely on a helpful, experienced one to guide you through the process easily and stress-free.

My personal service is FREE to you and you are under no obligation to get my advice based on experience. You can reach my office any time at 1-800-729-9590.


Please watch this video:

Are You In My State?

Yes. We are licensed in all states except 4, and in those states, we have a trusted referral partner that has the same commitment to independence and excellence.

Please consider calling me for a plan recommendation or a second opinion! 1-800-729-9590

You Have All Plans?

Over 24 years of experience has taught me that we do not want to sell every plan because, frankly, not all companies meet our criteria for rate increase performance or customer service. This is where you get the benefit of working with someone with thousands of clients and insurance company interactions, across the country.

You Cost How Much?

Just like your car insurance and homeowner’s insurance agent, my service is Free. Whether you went straight to the insurance company or got my help to handle it all for you, you pay the same.

Might as well benefit from some free advice and service, right?

My office and I are here to answer your questions.

You can reach out any time, night or day.


Contact us Privately:

We are now in the busy MEDICARE season. For faster help, please call direct 1-800-729-9590.
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